"Thank you for a wonderful time of refreshment and fun!"

John and Margaret (Huntington Beach, Ca)
This couple has stayed with us over 60 times in the last 8 years!

"It was so beautiful here as always. We really hate to leave but are looking forward to coming back soon. The stars were really wonderful to see again.Thank you for having such a wonderful bed and breakfast and star show. You all are so awesome. I have to add that we love being here - it is a gift to stay here and see the stars and share the company."

Genie, Nicole and Randal (Red. Beach, Ca)

"What a wonderful and educational experience! This was such a treat. The Inn is beautiful and the hosts were so accommodating and hospitable. Thanks for a great time."

Jim and Sheila (Westford, Ma)

"Another awesome stay at Observer's. Lucky enough to enjoy one of the clearest nights ever. Had a rare experience according to Mike in being able to see the Horsehead nebula. The best view of Orion's nebula I've ever seen! Thanks."

Glenn, Ann and Nick (San Diego, Ca)

"Spotless! Thanks for putting your heart into everything you do!"

Peter and Suzanne (Los Angeles, Ca)

"More than we anticipated. I have loved astronomy all my life and to find a place that embodies that love has been wonderful. Everything is tailored to the astronomy enthusiast! From the pictures of Orion, Pleiades and the Horsehead nebula to the wealth of literature and movies provides such a wealth of entertainment. Also the observatory tour was INCREDIBLE! I have visited observatories all over the world, none have allowed the research quality viewing that you afforded us. Lastly, your attention to detail, congeniality and delightful sense of humor made our stay wonderful- The room and breakfast was a wonderful astronomical feast!!"

Nick and Archara (Naperville, IL)

"Lovely accommodations, and very nice people! The Observers Inn deserves its reputation as the comfortable and elegant way to enjoy the stars. This was my daughter's first proper "star party", and I'll always associate this place with that magical moment. My compliments to our gracious hosts, and thanks from all of us!"

Chris, Tracy and Diana (Buena Park, Ca)

"It gets better each time! Thank you for two wonderful nights and gourmet breakfasts each morning."

Anthony and Linda (Trabuco Canyon, Ca)

"This was our first time to stay at a bed and breakfast. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. The breakfast was superb. Mike, you are a wonderful teacher for us!! Star is a star- but after spending time with you, I will never look at the stars and galaxy the same way again. It was an experience we will never forget!! Thank you."

Wayne and Cristina (Oceanside, Ca)

"We had a wonderful vacation away from the beach. You have a beautiful and warm place to stay. Thank you"

Dafe and Bud (Ocean Beach, Ca)

"Having such a great time....This trip has been very relaxing and extremely good for the soul. Thank you for your hospitality and for the knowledge that will last a life time."

Joe and Anna (Orange, Ca)

"I can't remember the last time we had so much fun in such a short period of time! This space at the Observer's Inn and the time we spent here will be fond memories."

Dave and Drene (Lakewood, Ca)

"Mike and Caroline, thanks for a time that we will never forget! The Sky tour is magnificent. I will never look at the moon in the same way again! Caroline, the gourmet fruit dishes were delicious! The B&B is warm, friendly and very nurturing. We will definitely be back. We will also spread the word about your little slice of 'THE HEAVENS'."

Lori and Mike (Norwalk, Ca)

"Thanks for a great visit and clear sky! We enjoyed ourselves as well as learned a lot."
Masto and Naok (Japan)

"Space.. the final frontier....well maybe space is, but the hospitality that Mike and Caroline show you at the Observer's Inn is comfortable and down to Earth! We felt warm and welcomed here. The accommodations were fantastic. Both rooms were literally out of this world. It was peaceful, comfortable and pleasurable. We could hardly wait until the sun went down! Mike's Sky tour was incredible! The best part was that we got two nights. Everyone needs to stop in."

Gene and Marley (Burbank, Ca)

"Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful home and knowledge about far away places. Holding the meteorite on our 12th anniversary was something very special"

Lee and Muan (La Mesa, Ca)

"Wow! what a great passion! We really enjoyed the Sky tour. We are so enthralled and inspired. Thanks for making our stay so memorable; It was a great experience. You've ignited a love for the stars in us, especially our daughter Tanmayi! Great job."

Surekha, Deepak and Tanmayi (Irvine, Ca)

"Thank you both so very much for the wonderful time and for helping us celebrate our 9th anniversary. What a beautiful place...especially loved the Sky Tours! It gave us new insight to Isaiah 40:26. The universe is awesome! Can't wait to be back in February for the planet Saturn and the moon. Until then..... Best wishes."

Harry and Gina (La Mirada, Ca)

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend! I learned more this past weekend than I ever have about astronomy. Two nights of Sky Tours is great- The first evening left me with numbers (billions, millions, and trillions!) and the second night I learned to appreciate more of what I saw the first evening!"

Deanna and Don (Anaheim Hills, Ca)

"Caroline and Mike- Thanks so much for and exceptional experience, truly out of this world! You are the consummate hosts and the food was heavenly. Best wishes for every success in the New Year."

Larry and Cindy (San Diego, Ca)