In October of 1998, Observer's Inn was featured on Travel Daily, a television program that aired on the Travel Channel. The following is a transcript of the show.

Host: Here's one of our traveling reporters, Jody. Jody, where are you taking us today?
Jody: Well Michelle it was quite an adventure. I went up into the mountains, hidden in the hills above San Diego called Julian. And for anyone who is tired of staying in hotels there is a bed and breakfast there that will send stargazers into astronomic bliss. Take a look, Julian California is nestled on Palomar Mountain in Southern California. Not much is changed here since cows had the right-a-way back in 1869. The pace is slow and the people are nice. Julian truly is a one horse town, unless it's the middle of tour season, then folks flock here for the famous apple pie and a cozy stay in a bed and breakfast. The Observer's Inn offers guests a guided tour to the galaxy before they drift off to sleep of the starry night. Yes, the cozy B&B has a full blown observatory. The proprietors, Mike and Caroline Leigh, gave me the guided tour.
Mike: This is leading down to Hammock Heaven.
Jody: Hammock Heaven, I like that! Once guests pass through Hammock Heaven, they enter another world when they go into the back yard observatory, stocked with three industrial sized telescopes. Oh my goodness! This is huge! Wow, what is this?
Mike: This is a 24-inch; it's a Newtonian reflector, robotically controlled. We use all three during a sky tour.
Jody: Oh that's neat!
Mike: Each telescope presents a little different view of the same object.
Jody: Before the complementary one hour star tour begins, Mike rolls off the roof by hand. As darkness falls, we switch to a special infrared lens, so we can film at night. It bathes the room and us in a warm glow.
Mike: If you look right over there, you can see Arcturus, and if you look over in this direction, you'll see the big dipper.
Jody: All right, I can see it! But looking through the big telescopes really brought the stars into focus.
Ryan: [looking into telescope] It's a double star that appears to be really close together - the top one is bluish and the bottom one has a gold tint to it.
John: [looking into telescope] I see a globular cluster of lights.
Jody: After the star gazing, guests can crash in the Andromeda room, with its wood burning stove, or the Orion room. It accommodates only two couples.
Mike: We like the smallness of it because its more personal and people can use the telescopes more and its not so much of a big business.
Jody: Astronomy is a passion for this couple and there unique bed and breakfast, the Observer's Inn, shares that passion with guests by giving them a glimpse of the galaxy and beyond.
Host: That is such a good idea. I think that we've got a family, kids program today. Is that a place for adults or is it for families?
Jody: Oh very much family, Michele, they have two rooms there, but they can convert them into one big room so if a family wants to come up and stargaze. When I went there, there were a lot of children there, and their eyes would just light up when they looked into a telescope and they'd say "there's the Big Dipper!"
Host: Oh that's great!
Jody: It was really great!
Host: Did you learn anything about astronomy?
Jody: Yes! The Big Dipper! Wow, I can't even pronounce the name of the stars I saw, but it startled me because I never looked through a telescope quite so powerful. It was huge, I mean what a huge telescope.
Host: Now you said they have two rooms so you probably have to book way in advance.
Jody: Well the weekends are booked up until 1999. But what this couple is going to do, because the response has been so wonderful, they're going to start opening up in the week so that's your best bet.
Host: That's a good idea! Is it expensive?
Jody: Not really, it is $118 for a stay there and you get breakfast that's reasonable.
Host: Now San Diego is right nearby, what else can one do?
Jody: Oh San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Seaport Village is nice. Lots of great places to go in San Diego.
Host: Oh, fantastic, thank you so much!
Jody: You're welcome.
Host: For reservations or more information about the Observer's Inn, call the number on your screen. And don't forget to reserve your room way in advance.